Thinking about Dietetics!

It's that time of year again when you have done all of the background work and are preparing for college access to get the qualifications you need to then go on to university to study Nutrition and Dietetics. This route to the career was my route .....back in the day, a way to change my life and create a stable future for me my husband and our young family and do the very thing that held my interest.

Many undergraduates enter university straight from school and that's great that you leave school focussed and knowing what you want to do, your degree of choice is actually a key to one of the most malleable career pathways available.

Whatever your route to university, Dietetics and nutrition related careers are numerous. While at university you will study a wide array of subjects from anatomy and bio-sciences to sociology and psychology. Many dietitians will be targeting careers in the NHS. This was my route. This was my clinical grounding without which I could not have branched into any of the other pathways that  I tread on a daily basis.


Of course this is not the only way to form a career in dietetics. Some students decide that the acute medical side of the discipline is not appealing, some will diversify to other areas like research, higher education, journalism and the commercial world of business there are multiple career opportunities.

If you are making up your mind, or unsure check out The British Dietetic associations website and have a brows.

For those of you who are sure, good luck, enjoy university give 100% and you will get it back magnified.

For those who are already heavily committed with young families who are hesitant to take the leap, all I can say is I did it, aged 34 with a 7 and 3-year-old. I met the best people who support me still, I made life long friendships and I love what I do both in the NHS and within the private sector.

Carpe Diem!