Diet Scotland Professional Dietetic/Nutritional and Therapeutic services

Diet Scotland is 13 years old. It is a successful,responsible, evidence based nutritional consultancy that benefits immensely from its ongoing links to the NHS and joint collaboration with other health professional bodies, Having experience in many specialist areas within  a large teaching hospital in Glasgow since 1994, Lorraine, the founder of Diet Scotland is committed to observing National guidelines and ensuring continuity of care.

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Evidence based dietetic lifestyle and medical interventions. We offer support and advice and seamless linkage to your GP/Consultant (as required) ensuring the highest standard of care. Our dietitians are specialists in varying fields, principally Eating Disorders. If you are struggling while in recovery, or worried that you have an Eating Disorder that is out of your control contact Diet Scotland. Click here for more information.

Competitively priced within the British Dietetic Association and BUPA pricing recommendations. Click here for more information.