Need some help losing weight?


Life is just too hard. Sometimes, you try and try but just can’t shift those extra pounds, temptation is all around and we all need the familiarity of comfort behaviour.  In order to lose weight we have to make changes, those changes need to become our new norm. That's the hard part............sustaining change long enough for it to become familiar and automatic. 

Evidence is now telling us that when it comes to dealing with co-morbid diseases like Diabetes and Heart Disease in the majority of cases the single most effective remedial step is weight loss.

If you have a BMI that is stubbornly sitting between 27kgs/m2 and 30kgs/m2  you will be classed as overweight. Slip into the 30 plus BMI range and you are considered obese. In that medically recognised overweight category sometimes all that is needed is a short term boost to help with behaviour change.  

For some individuals trying to lose weight seems like a battle that they cannot win. If you are someone who has undergone bariatric surgery and you require dietetic support post op, Diet Scotland can provide that support.

If you are considering surgery for weight loss and need to know about the pros and cons, or if you want to try once again to lose weight before committing to a surgical procedure contact Diet Scotland.

If you simply want to understand how to lose weight, what is required, and how your mindset is the key contact Diet Scotland.










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