Eating Disorders

So, a short note for whom it may concern:

I am so aware, working in the world of Eating Disorders, that no single specialist, can effectively impact the devastation caused by an Eating Disorder. Understanding the beast is the first step and unraveling it's complex nature requires a Multidisciplinary approach. Further, no two presentations are the same, so having a 'plan' can often be a waste of time. Things have progressed from the days of treating people with Eating Disorders (ED) as if they are all part of the same problem. As if ED presentation was set in stone, and what worked for him should work for you!

For sure whether an ED is emerging and you feel things are out of control, or if you are in recovery and struggling, or perhaps there is just that feeling that 'something is not right' dealing with an ED is hugely exhausting.

Diet Scotland is inviting anyone who recognizes that 'something is not right'to contact us and if you have a question send it to us here and if we can help we will. That help may be direct, as in the answer to the question or it may be advisory suggesting other forms of help or other doors to knock on.

We are thinking of developing a support service linked to other established networks like BEAT but where you can be signposted safely to the right source of evidence based information and help.

For now; this is a tentative suggestion.


Let's see if there is a demand for this?